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This is a blog dedicated to sharing and compiling many different images from under the microscope. From living to non-living, we can appreciate the invention of the microscope that has allowed us to see the into world of the very small.
Category: High-content analysis.Image description: Trisomy 21 derived neural cells stained for neurofilament heavy (red), GAD65 (green) and DNA (blue). Therapeutic focus: Down’s Syndrome.
+ March 18th, 2013

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+ March 18th, 2013
Confocal image of septuple in situ hybridization exhibiting the spatial expression of Hox gene transcripts in a developing Drosophila embryo, with the chromosomal organization of the Hox gene cluster shown below: lab labial, pb proboscipedia (not shown in the in situ hybridization), Dfd deformed, Scr sex combs reduced, Antp antennapedia, Ubx ultrabithorax, Abd-A abdominal-A, Abd-B abdominal-B.
+ March 3rd, 2013
A time-lapse, confocal micrograph captures the swirled cell division of a (HeLa) cancer cell with its cell membrane shown in cyan and DNA in red.Kuan-Chung Su, LRI, Wellcome Images
+ February 2nd, 2013
Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Confocal image of rat RPE layer two weeks after laser. A well-defined neovascular membrane labeled with Isolectin Ib4 (red) is detected below proliferating RPE cells (Phalloidin in green). New vessels are growing toward the subretinal space.
+ January 26th, 2013
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