Under The Microscope

This is a blog dedicated to sharing and compiling many different images from under the microscope. From living to non-living, we can appreciate the invention of the microscope that has allowed us to see the into world of the very small.
+ January 10th, 2013
This is a photograph I took through the microscope of a 4 day old Zebrafish embryo with GFP+ lens. 
+ July 5th, 2012
Brainbow Zebrafish Embryo (courtesy of Albert Pan and MBL)
+ June 28th, 2012
Zebrafish tastebud
+ June 9th, 2012
The image shows six Sox10-GFP transgenic embryos, in which GFP and DAPI fluorescence are merged. The picture was taken by Mariana Herrera Cruz (Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM, Mexico); the following people also contributed to prepare the sample: Juan Pablo Fernández (INSIBIO (CONICET-UNT), Argentina), Miguel Angel Mendoza (Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM, Mexico), Paulette Fernández (UNAM, Mexico) and German Sabio (Leloir Institute, Argentina); all of them were students at the International Course on Developmental Biology, UNAB, Quintay-Chile, January 2012.
+ June 4th, 2012
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